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Types of Recovery


Desktop Data Recovery

Desktop / Computer data loss can occur due to accidental drop of hard disk or sudden turn off / restart of the machine multiple times. While working on the Excel files or documents if accidental shut down of system occurs then you might lose the data. In some cases, Data loss can also occur due to Malware/Virus Attacks, PCB Board Failure, Overheating Issues, Firmware Corruption, Physical issues and so on. Our Desktop hard disk data recovery cost depends on the type of issues in hard disk drive. No matter that which brand you are using like HP, Lenovo, Asus, Sony, IBM, Dell, Acer, Compaq, Intel, Apple MacBook. We have recovery solutions for all kinds of issues to your desktop hard disk computers or business computers. Various popular brands of desktop drives like Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba, HGST/Hitachi, Samsung, Sony, or Maxtor Desktop drives are recovered successfully by our technical team. We can recover lost data of any cases.

Memory Card Data Recovery

We are professionals in the recovering documents and digital pictures from failed or damaged Memory Cards, USB Flash Drives, Hard Disk, Solid State Drive (SSD), Portable HDD. We have latest technology and equipment’s to extract the data from your damaged USB flash drive. We recover all types of data files such as photo recovery, video recovery & audio. Our data recovery company deliver the highest recovery rate at the lowest possible price.

Memory Cards Failures That We Recover:

  • Memory card is not recognized by the computer but gets recognized in disk management.
  • Bad Sector Issues & Slow Detection
  • Virus/ Malware Attacks
  • Accidental Deletion/Formatting
  • Corrupted Data on the SD card
  • Errors while copying files from the card

Flash Drive Data Recovery

We frequently use the USB flash drives to copy the data, transfer the files etc., in this scenario’s if you have lost your data and don’t know how to pen drive data recovery those files from USB flash drive then don’t worry Databack solutions is here to help you to get back your lost data files from USB flash drive. we can recover the data of any type whether it is formatted USB Pen drive, Lost Files, Permanently Deleted, Formatted, Inaccessible Files and Folders, Virus Or Malware Attack, Power Failure and logical problems can be handled in our data recovery center.

Reasons for Data Loss in Flash

  • Pulling out of the media without shutting it off.
  • Virus Attack & hidden data recovery.
  • Overheating Issues.
  • Getting error message has “USB Device Not Recognized”.
  • Damages due to accidental ejection of media.
  • Damage due to electrical surge etc.
  • Physical damages to the disk.
  • Accidentally Formatted the Media.
  • Deleted Data Recovery

Laptop HDD Data Recovery

If you are looking for the best laptop data recovery company to recover data from your failed Laptop Hard disk, Contact DataBack solutions data recovery team for laptop hard drive data recovery services for better results!

Laptop data recovery becomes very crucial for important information for personal and corporate or business use. At this time of data crash, there is a need for professional laptop data retrieval services to recover lost data files and folders from your dead laptop’s. The issue may be Physical Damages, PCB Board Damages, Bad Sectors, IO Errors, Firmware Damages or Logical Issues, Mechanical Failure, Partition Loss, Overheating Issues. Our Data Recovery team are well experienced in handling all type of cases from Logical to Physical Level Issues. We also handle extreme damages such as Fire Burnt & Water Level Issues. While coming to the laptop data recovery cost will vary depending on the type of issues in the laptop hard drive.


Portable or External Drive Data Recovery

Unforeseen circumstances occur to the external hard disk and it no longer works when you plug it into your computer. At this moment, with all your files, photos and videos inside, you are at a loss of what to do next? Don’t panic, We offer you the most effective and reliable Hard Disk Recovery services in U.A.E.

Problems in Portable/External Hard Drives:

There are many types of problems in the hard drive such as Logical, Hardware & Physical Issues and the charges for external drive data recovery varies depending on the type of issue in the Hard Disk Drive (HDD).

  • Impact Damage: When the drive get knocked over, dropped, physical shock during connection or travel etc. In most of all cases, the resulting impact they suffer will cause problems.
  • Over Heating: The drives have a tendency to overheat. This is due to inadequate ventilation if fan is too slow or not moving at all. Some external hard drives don’t contain any ventilation at all, a small number of devices may contain a fan inside the actual case to combat temperature build up.
  • Accidental Data Loss: Accidental Deletion of data files and folders are the most common problems on hard disk drive (HDD) which can lead to data loss. Few reasons for data breaches are opening suspicious emails, installing the wrong file OS, moving crucial file locations documents, files etc.
  • Virus Or Malware Attack: when suspicious links or emails are opened then there are chances of virus attack. This Virus attacks are one of the most widespread effects of being removal of user files. Issues such as spam sending, personal data theft, erased or removed partition tables etc., can harm your computer and lead to data loss. Hence always use an Anti-Virus Software to protect your data from such type of issues.

RAID Data Recovery

If you or your organization recently experienced data loss from a RAID system, Don’t worry you should reach out to a professional data recovery service (like DataBack Solution The company has over 10 years experience and provide you recovery services with guaranteed success. Our data Recovery experts recovers lost data from all types of critical RAID breakdown. We assure you that no one can provide you a better quality recovery for your highly important business data. We follow a standard approach in order to give a safe and secured RAID recovery.

Solid State Drive (SSD) Data Recovery

The normal hard drive fails due to age, usage, and mechanical wear and tear, the brand new normal hard drive would not fail so easily as the old hard drives with slow performance and symptoms of failure, SMART performance will be monitored during the BIOS for normally laptop and desktop to check the regular health condition. But SSD Solid State Drive fails un-noticeably without providing any prior symptoms nor any failure notice, One day it works and another the drive is dead and completely not readable and does not detect in any of the machines, it does not provide SMART parameters for the drive, hence it is difficult to notice the failing drives.

Types of SSD Data Recovery we Handle

  • Mac Book Pro SSD data retrieval.
  • Mac Book Air SSD data recovery.
  • IBM, Dell, Lenovo, HP, Toshiba other Laptop SSD recovery.
  • Two in one Tablet and Laptop model recovery.
  • SATA SSD and SATA AHCI Express data recovery.
  • PCI Express Hard drives data extraction.
  • M2. NGFF Mini Sold State Drive used in thin laptop models which is similar to WIFI cards.