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DataBack Solutions

Our Advanced tools, quality facilities, and expert engineers, we strive to provide our clients with the fast, secure, and affordable data recovery services they need in order to maintain business continuity.

Data Recovery

DataBack Solutions is most experienced data recovery services provider in UAE.

PC / Laptop Repairs

Need your Laptop repair service today? If yes, you have reached the right place for your laptop repair services.

Various Media Recovery

We deal with data recovery across different types of media that include RAID drives, Flash drives, Memory Cards and many more.


Data Recovery Service

If you or your organisation recently experienced data loss from a RAID system, Don’t worry you should reach out to a professional data recovery service (like DataBack Solution The company has over 10 years experience and provide you recovery services with guaranteed success.

PC/Laptop Repair Service

Desktop / Computer data loss can occur due to accidental drop of hard disk or sudden turn off / restart of the machine multiple times. While working on the Excel files or documents if accidental shut down of system occurs then you might lose the data.

We keep you updated on the progress

Check the job status of the recovery or repair at a click of a button!

Most cost-effective and no hidden cost

  • Diagnostic Evaluation is Free
  • No charge on No recovery
  • We charge each and every case as per media problem found
  • We never charge for emergency need of customer.
  • We never misused customer critical data need.
  • Confidentiality assured

Terms and Conditions

Upon ordering, receiving or using DataBackSolutions Data Recovery services, you agree to the following terms and conditions, which shall govern all services provided by DataBackSolutions. We encourage you to read the present Terms and Conditions before using our services.